For pricing and other information please feel free to contact me at and I will get back with you at my earliest convenience.

As every project if different at requires different needs, I currently do not have a set pricing guide. I remain affordable and will to come to terms if there are any financial concerns. I believe I am easy to talk to and entirely understanding.

However, as a pricing outline, you can see from this setup as to what it would be about. All sessions are different so feel free to discuss particular needs you may have. All session and schedule times may very based on agreement with client. This is just a guide...

Thanks for coming to my site :)

I love portrait work. I like the idea that everyone has a story and I feel it's my job as a photographer to capture as much of that story as I possibly can. So come with me on a journey through the overwhelming number of people we have on this planet. Take a look at some of these individuals and their stories. To me, you do not have to be a model with an agency in order for me to be interested in working with you. All you need is either a good smile or a good personality. It doesn't hurt to have both :)

I am working on many different projects, and will keep you posted along the way. New this year I will be doing a series that involves what many photographers would consider non-models. Simple put, I am looking for individuals that normally wouldn't be considered a model, a regular everyday individual that may not have the aspiration to become America's Next Top Model. Someone who is real life and is interested in being a model for a day. I want to combine many different sets into a series to show off what real people of the world look like... not just high-end over-the-top photoshopped magazine cover type people.

-Tim B.

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