About - Tim Buckman Photography

Everyone ask "Why the Penguin?"
To answer this you need to understand that it has two meanings. First off and most simply its my favorite animal and I feel its a representation of myself.

But more importantly its much deeper...
Penguins, tho dressed to impress in their tux, are clumsy and waddle. To the point, you cant judge a book by its cover. Or just because some one looks fancy... doesn't mean they are 'upper class' or 'stuck up.' Then further into the actions of a penguin you can find them swimming in the water like a graceful ballerina. That everyone has a talent that makes them special. Everyone has something about them that makes them beautiful.So if you judge someone by the cover and think they are stuck up, you might not talk to them, and you might not see their amazing talent.

I feel with this that people should view others with more beauty. I am often times finding myself working on my forever project, "normal beauty" Its a long project I am working on and wish to eventually release into a book.  Will keep you posted, haha.

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